Private criminal investigation, Conflict Control, Sami Sallinen

Thisprotects the assets and reputation of the company

The detection of wrongdoing and private criminal investigation is an effective alternative to an investigation launched by a public authority, as the investigative methods are largely the same, but the launch of investigative measures is much faster. One of our guiding principles is speed and efficiency.

In our experience, a well-timed and targeted investigation has the potential to generate great financial savings and protect a company's reputation. The long professional experience of our investigators guarantees discreetness, confidentiality and good investigation results. 

"The professionalism of our researchers guarantees customer satisfaction"

Our customer's interest is our interest, the customer's problem is our problem. We help companies in all cases of suspected misconduct and crime. Typical areas of investigation include: 

  • Property crimes and scams
  • Benefit and insurance scams
  • Financial irregularities
  • Internal misconduct
  • Extortion
  • Suspicions of bribery and corruption

Our investigation methods are effective, discreet and always follow the client's values and operating principles. Trust the professionals, let us clear up your suspicions of crime and misconduct.

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