When experience counts

Sami Sallinen and the team

Decades of experience in conflict resolution, personal risk management, and crime and misconduct detection have shown that a multiprofessional team is the most cost-effective way to achieve good results.

"All members of our core team have a background in working for the government"

Conflict Control provides our customers with the best experts in their field. All of our core team members have worked in demanding government positions, are experienced conflict management and investigation professionals, and have a long knowledge of the challenges of the business world. This ensures that assignments are handled professionally, discreetly and efficiently. Our core team specialises in security and risk management, conflict management and negotiation, crisis communication, law and psychology.

Sami Sallinen and the team

We are our customer's trusted security partner

Confidentiality and customer satisfaction are a matter of honor for us. Our mission is to make the customer's everyday life more carefree and safer. Our customers know that they will never be left alone with their problems and professional help is always close at hand.

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