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We resolve conflicts.

Conflict management

Protracted disputes, crisis-ridden negotiations, challenging customer situations, targeted harassment, pressure, threats and targeting. Conflicts tend to escalate if they are not reacted to in the right way. In our experience, problems are often tackled too late or are expected to disappear on their own. However, this rarely happens. The more sensitively problems are addressed, the easier they are to solve.

"Everyone can be negotiated with and there is a solution to every problem"

Our multiprofessional team consists of experienced professionals who have prevented and resolved thousands of challenging and dangerous conflicts. Decades of experience have shown that it is possible to negotiate with everyone and that all conflicts can be resolved.

Conflict management

We use a structured five-module approach to resolve all conflicts, with the following components.

  • Objective snapshot
  • Analysis and profiling
  • Design of measures
  • Operational work
  • Follow-up

Conflict resolution requires a clear, objective and real-time picture of the situation. Each case is analysed and the behaviour and motivational patterns of the perpetrator are profiled to identify the right targeted interventions. After jointly agreed measures, the client is reported on the results, a new objective snapshot is created and further measures are planned to achieve the new target state.

The most effective way to manage conflicts is to avoid them. Our multi-professional team analyses the client's situation in all its dimensions and implements conflict management models in line with the agreed strategy to solve the problem. Correctly targeted measures save the client energy and resources.

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