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Conflict management

Increasingly, organisations and operational management of companies are facing inappropriate behaviour, targeted harassment, intimidation, targeting or other psychological or physical threats. Unexpected incidents cause psychological stress, financial losses, reputational damage and a loss of security. But what if you could identify threats before they become a reality?

The most effective way to manage human risks is through anticipation and preventive measures. Our experienced professionals help our clients to identify risk points for future events and processes, and to minimise the occurrence and escalation of risks to people.

The Conflict Control 360* personnel risk assessment provides an objective snapshot of the threats to staff and the risks of crime to the organisation. The approach is comprehensive and can highlight risks that would otherwise go unnoticed. The model enables us to create policies and strategies that support the security of our clients.

Conflict management

"Foresight is cost-effective"

Our personal risk management service includes, among others, the following services

  • Workplace and staff threat analyses 
  • Management models for challenging customer encounters
  • Management personal threat assessments
  • Crime risk assessments
  • Threat analyses of events
  • Travel security risk assessments

Thanks to our structured approach, we can help organisations avoid unnecessary human risks and help establish preventive policies. In the event of a personal risk or crime, we can also provide services to minimise the damage and normalise the situation as quickly as possible. We anticipate risks and resolve conflicts on behalf of our clients.

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