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Your problem, is our problem.

conflict resolution

Conflict Control is a company specialising in conflict resolution, misconduct resolution and human risk management. Our multi-professional team analyses, profiles, prevents, investigates and resolves conflicts.

When you want results, experience counts. All members of our core team have a long background in the authorities and solid experience in criminal and criminal investigations, personal risk prevention and conflict management. With our good cooperation network, we also safeguard the interests of our international customers.

"We anticipate the risks and resolve conflicts on behalf of the customer"

conflict resolution

The cornerstone of our service is a deep understanding of the customer's needs. Our mission is to make our customers' everyday lives safer. We carry out this mission with the guiding principles of professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality.


Our team only employs experienced professionals. Multiprofessional expertise ensures that the customer's problem is handled in a comprehensive way and the best possible solutions are found.


We act quickly and efficiently. Clear operating models and tested processes enable us to provide concrete ways to solve the customer's problems.


We work discreetly and reliably. The customer's privacy and minimisation of reputational risks are taken into account in everything we do.